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Firm Overview

 Founded in 1993

I offer the experience, strategy and skill of a bankruptcy-focused firm. Since beginning my bankruptcy practice nearly 30 years ago, my legal work has concentrated on protecting the rights of individuals, families, and businesses through the bankruptcy process. With the specialization of a bankruptcy law practice, I am able to resolve cases quickly and effectively for my clients. When you work with my firm, you can expect dedicated, personalized service throughout the pendency of your case.


The Law Offices of  Glenn S. Kessler

Bankruptcy-Focused Firm

Glenn S. Kessler began practicing law in New York in 1989, when he worked in a firm that represented a number of large landlords. He was discouraged and bothered by working for landlords who did not see the hardship and distress faced by their middle-class tenants. After a year of handling landlords' evictions of disadvantaged tenants, he began his work in bankruptcy where he discovered the satisfaction of helping people achieve debt relief rather than punishing them for their inability to pay their bills.

Since beginning his bankruptcy practice nearly 30 years ago, he has been recognized for his efforts and record of results. Whether working to stop a foreclosure or helping a family or business achieve debt relief, Glenn S. Kessler remains a dedicated advocate and counselor throughout the process. Always mindful of his clients' individual needs, he works to create a solution custom-tailored to each client's individual predicament and goals.

In each case, Mr. Kessler takes an aggressive and strategic approach to resolving issues quickly and effectively. He is resourceful and will remain mindful of your time and individual needs throughout the process. Whether you are concerned about mounting credit card expenses, foreclosure on a home, or repossession of your property, Mr. Kessler will employ his skills and experience as an attorney to protect your rights.

As a local to Brooklyn, Attorney Kessler finds his greatest satisfaction in helping people from the community achieve financial peace-of-mind through debt relief.

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

( M.K. Gandhi)

New York City

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Glenn S. Kessler has successfully prepared and filed thousands of personal and small business bankruptcy cases over the past 30 years. He spends his days preparing and filing cases just like yours each and every day. He is familiar and friendly with the Clerks of the Courts, Judges and Trustees who can make a difference in the outcome of your case and has his “finger on the pulse” of the bankruptcy process so that you get the benefit of his knowledge of up-to-the-minute developments in the law and procedure.

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